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eMail Tracking through is the most flexible and easiest way to retrieve your shipment detail. At any point of time, you can track your shipment information using eMail.

You can use eMail tracking when you do not have access to Freight Systems Group website or you are not convenient to call our Customer Service people, simply send an eMail to

Steps To Use eMail Tracking

  Compose a new eMail message to

  Type the HBL number that you want to track in the subject line or in the message body of eMail and click send button for eMail delivery.

  In few minutes, you will receive an eMail message from Freight Systems Group with the following tracking information

       Origin, destination, weight & volume of the cargo
       Delivery order information
       Milestone details.

Click send button to view email result preview
Note: Please enter hbl number in the subject field provided and click send button to preview email result